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Outplacement Coaching

Outplacement Coaching – MEASURABILITY

Redundancy can be very difficult for you and your staff. This means, the support you put in place is very important. Choosing the right service provider can be difficult. Therefore, we try to make things simple. And, we would describe our outplacement coaching as knowledgeable, practical. passionate, and caring. To help you make your decision, this website explains our services, and highlights what other said about our services

Our 1-1 outplacement coaching programmes cover a range of topics, including

– CV Writing
– LinkedIn Training
– Job Search Strategies (Social Media)
– Interview Preparation
– Competency Based Interview Training
– Career Planning

I can help you!! For more information, phone 0871223308 or CONTACT US

For more information about Outplacement Coaching – CONTACT US

Need help with outplacement ?

Paul Mullan is a leading career and outplacement consultant in Ireland. If you would like more information about our services Contact Us or phone 0871223308.


I am a Career and Outplacement Coach, with 20 years’ as experience. And, I’ve been a successful business owner for most of my career. – Paul Mullan.

“During our recent downsizing programme, we used the services of the Outplacement company, Measurability. And, the consultant, Paul Mullan, provided workshops and one to one sessions for our staff, which everyone found very beneficial and supportive. Paul’s approach could be described as professional and practical. And, I would highly recommend Measurability as an outplacement company”

Group HR Manager