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Outplacement Support | Feedback

Outplacement Support | Feedback

I get the opportunity to work with some amazing people, helping them transition back into the workforce after job loss or redundancy. I just want to share a few comments for clients I have worked with over the last 2-months

Hope you’d a lovely weekend! Thankfully, Fridays call was a positive one and they offered me the job 🙂 It’s quite a nice package and we’re currently negotiating so hopefully by end of week I’ll have signed contracts and issued my resignation.

Just got word I got the job, I’m shocked to be honest. But the interview went well and I’m glad I went through the process with you as I was far more prepared and focused. Thanks for the help!

Got word last Friday that I got the job. Thanks for your help, it pointed me in the right direction and helped me sell myself. I will recommend you if I hear of anyone looking for help.

It has taken a little longer to get back to you as I turned down a couple of roles as they weren’t suitable, but I have accepted a role and start on Monday. Your help with building a CV and in particular your support with interview techniques was invaluable and had a massive impact in getting me the position. Thanks again.

Thank you so much. I really appreciated what you did. You are gonna be the first person I will tell when I get a new job. May I mention your help in a post on LinkedIn?

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