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Outplacement Service Ireland

Outplacement Service Ireland

Many job seekers struggle when it comes to addressing the whole redundancy issue during interview. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. And, it’s possible to shape strong answers in advance of interview. It is possible to turn this event into a positive outcome. Preparation is the key to success! Failure to invest time preparing can deliver negative outcomes.

Confidently answering redundancy related questions is key to successful transition to new employment. Therefore, I’ve created a short video to help you navigate redundancy related questions. The video offers sample answers for two common questions

a) “why did you leave your previous role?”
b) “what have you been doing since redundancy?”

The key points outlined in the video

– Expect these questions during interview.
– Prepare answers in advance.
– Keep your answers short and sweet!
– Avoid over-explaining your answers.
– Avoid negativity towards a previous employer.
– Insert a positive spin!

Measurability is a leading Outplacement Consultancy in Ireland, offering bespoke outplacement solutions nationwide. And, our services include group outplacement, 1-1 outplacement and executive outplacement programmes.

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Testimonial | Outplacement Programme

“I found Measurability to be excellent throughout every single step. In particular, the guidance and expertise Paul Mullan provided to me. This included advice on my CV, job hunting, and preparing for interview. Without these sessions with Paul I wouldn’t have landed my new job. And, with Paul’s knowledge and guidance I feel this difficult period was a lot easier, having been off the job market for almost thirteen years. More importantly, Paul also has a very human element to his practice, making real life examples to theories with great effectiveness. Paul is the very reason I have found employment after only three weeks”