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Outplacement | Measurability | A Track Record & Passion

Choosing an outplacement provider is a very important task for organisations. Supporting staff through this difficult time is critical for their benefit and that of your organisation. Ireland has witnessed a surge in redundancy announcements which has only served to complicate the whole selection process further. Not only has there been a surge in demand for outplacement services but also a surge in supply of outplacement services. It is amazing that 12 months ago you would have struggled to find any outplacement firms online yet now Google is littered with outplacement providers.

Why choose Measurability?

Proven Track Record – Measurability has been offering Outplacement & Career services for over 3 years. In this time we have delivered a range of outplacement solutions in workshop and individual programme format. Read what our most recent client said of our service – “We were recommended Measurability as an outplacement service to support recent restructuring. Measurability provided a highly professional service throughout and we received positive feedback from employees who availed of the service. We would highly recommend Measurability for their exceptional support to our organisation and our employees” – (Head of Finance – Consultancy Firm).

Background – Measurability is led by Paul Mullan a leading Outplacement & Career expert in Ireland. His team has a background and qualifications in Recruitment, HR, Training, Occupational Psychology, Coaching or Counselling.

Motivation – Paul and his associates love what they do. They are established business owners in their own right practicing long before the market changed. We offer Outplacement & Career support because we chose to and not because the market forced us to.

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